We try our best, but NO, because some of the products we use are man-made, . Things like the glass bottles, celophane packaging, fragrance oils, paraffin wax, etc. I use natural oils and natural waxes mostly, I also use honey and bees wax, with essential oils that are natural. I do use natural colorants in most of my soaps from clays and herbs. All of our ingredients (the things I mix together to make our wonderful candle & aromatherapy products) are mostly from natural origin. Please always read the ingredient list before purchasing. I believe in using as many natural, earth-based ingredients I possibly can, but that does not happen always.
My hand crafted soaps and candles (and other products) are made right here in Pittsburgh, PA, USA made. I am a crafter so I have a work shop in the city. Any products ordered online ship directly from Pittsburgh via USPS in recyclable cardboard boxes or recyclable envelopes.
Paul is originally from a small town in northern Ohio, and currently has a "day job" as a department Leader in a grocery store. His passions include his spritualist views, the Pagan religion, movies, bike-riding, soaps, candles, scents, healthy vegetarianism, family events, friends and his partner Paul. ;) and clean eating/living. His dream is to focus on the soap and candle business, fostering it to a success of magnificent proportions. His home is a place of peace, with stress-free vibes and a very natural & organic feel. So, any products you order from Paul is coming from an environment that is calm, relaxed, and full of love.
Unfortunately, due to the cost of purchasing fragrance and essential oils for our products, we are unable to "special order" any specific scents at this time. We'd like to be able to offer that option at some point. Right now, we're focusing on getting scents out there that a lot of people just fall in love with! If we purchase a scent that only one or two people end up buying, it doesn't make much sense. We hope you understand. We don't like to waste anything. There's too much of that in the world these days as it is...
If I, Paul had his way, I'd own every scent known to man. Literally. But, cost-effectiveness doesn't allow me that luxury. Not yet, anyway. As of current, I have approximately 25 different fragrance and essential oil scents that go into our products. I am slowly and steadily adding more as I go. In fact, I just obtained a few new scents that are not currently in my inventory, which I think will be a huge hit! I am working on getting them into the products and out to you - our #1 priority! A few of the new scents are very "earthy", and that's all we're saying right now....
Generally, if the product is something I still carry or produce, and it's in my inventory, I'll replace it right away - providing you follow the procedure below. Here's the skinny; You'll need to return the damaged product to me, at your cost, within the first 10 business days after you receive it, before the replacement items is re-shipped to you. If its glass or ceramic that shattered in shipping you can take a picture and email me the damaged product and the box it came in( this should happen with in 24 hours of you receiving the product. It's just a way of keeping costs as low as possible, and to reduce the chances for fraudulent behavior. If a damaged or broken product is NOT returned (officially post-marked) within the first 10 business days after you receive it, I will not replace it. As a general rule, however, I take great care in packaging up your items before they ship - so they usually arrive safe & snug in their little puffy boxes, and all is well in the world.
The scent conversation; One thing's for sure; Love Spell, Black, and Sandalwood are good sellers. I will also behaving a scent of the month, located on the top of the home page. After a recent road trip to one of my favorite suppliers in the next state over....I've decided I will be introducing some exciting (and "different") new fragrances and scents in the next month or so. Look for new soaps and body washes. Be sure to check back often to see what's happening, and try out all the new smells!
I try my best to reuse materials for shipping. I will reuse boxes and packaging material as often as I can. My soap is wrapped in 100% recycled soy wax paper. Items on my site are recently made and can be shipped out within 2 days, I only make small batches at a time. If you would like me to make a special soap or candle it can add an extra 7 days to the shipping time.
This option is only for local pick up or drop off in the Pittsburgh area. "Cash On Delivery" CAN NOT be used for an order that has to be shipped out. All items that are going to be mailed out must be purchased beforehand.
Yes, in that we can work together and come up with something you like. Most of my scents I do not have made into soap and candles yet. So if you see a scent that you want but I do not have it in a candle or soap, just ask. I will let you know if I can make the scented item you are looking for.